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Festive First Home

Make it an unforgettable festive season in your first home! Shop cosy candles, statement glassware and Christmas accessories that will be in your decor box for years to come.
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8 products
Home Blessing Sage and Candle Kit - Cleanse and Purify
White Sage Smudge Selenite Crystal and Dried Flowers Smudge Stick
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Hand Rolled Cedar Rope Incenses - pack of 50
Palo Santo and Dried Flowers Smudge Sage Stick
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White Sage and White Dried Flowers Smudge Stick
Cedar Smudge and Dried Flowers Sage Stick
White Sage with Pink Wild Flowers Smudge Stick
from $18.00
Positive Vibes Smudge Sage and Incense Ritual Kit
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