3 Tips to Consider When Selling Wholesale

Congrats on the wholesale order! It’s a HUGE day when a buyer decides that they want your products. With every wholesale order being so different they can incur different challenges, here are 3 things we want you to know when working on a wholesale order.

You have confirmed quantities, what’s next?

Decided if you have enough stock to fulfil the order, if not it’s time to get making! Work out your timeline and let the buyer know an estimated time of completion - add a few extra days on for good measure. Make a calendar for yourself and workout how your other work will fit around creating the products. Be sure to also factor in wrapping, packing and shipping - if you are running your business solo try to recruit friends and family to help (they can usually be persuaded with pizza).

The buyer last minute decides to make a change….

You are on track to get your order completed in-time and the buyer decides to make a change - at this point don’t panic as this is very normal. Go back to your calendar and see if you can accommodate, if there is no room for changes then suggest an alternative however if time is an issue then go back to your buyer and state that the changes can be made however there will be a delay. Before agreeing to the changes be sure to factor for any excess stock that you will now be left with….

Shipping and payments (pro-forma or pay in 30 days?)

State early on in the conversation if the buyer will be required to pay for shipping and if they will incur any customs / duties - even if you are unsure of the amount.

Pro-forma or pay in 30 days?

We would advise for the first few orders to issue a pro-forma and then after trust has been built move to 30 days.


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