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Jewellery Plate

Home your dreamy pieces safely and stylishly with our collection of jewellery dishes. Scroll to find handmade cloud styles and our bestselling shell styles. 

    6 products
    Mint Green Stone Forrest Green Lilac +1
    Splatter Handmade Coaster / Small Jewellery Plate
    Blue and Stone Lilac and Lemon Light Pink and Rose Pink Sage Green and Forest Green
    Splatter Handmade Coaster - Pack of 2
    Pink Red Grey Stone
    Spotify Personalised Handmade Tray Dish
    Juni Celestial Blue Moon and Star Trinket Jewellery Dish
    Turquoise Dark Green Pink
    Elvy Candle and Jewellery Plate Dish - available in 3 colours
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    Lidia Mouthblown Pastel Yellow Wave Bowl
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