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Incense Holders and Sticks / Cones

Create a cosy vibe with our burners and array of incense sticks / cones. Smudge sticks make for a natural incense that work to purify or cleanse the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place. 

    18 products
    Log Cabin Snowy Winter Incense Cone Burner
    from CHF 18.00
    Incense Cones Pack of 15 - 4 scent options available
    CHF 8.00
    Gingerbread House Incense Cone Burner
    from CHF 18.00
    Tarot Incense Sticks - 4 options available
    CHF 5.00
    Tarot Card Incense Sticks and Holder - Pack of 15
    CHF 10.00
    Lilac Stone Light Pink Sage Green +1
    Cora Wavy Edge Retro Handmade Concrete Incense Holder
    from CHF 10.00
    Palo Santo and Dried Flowers Smudge Sage Stick
    CHF 18.00
    Teepee Tent Incense Cone Burner
    from CHF 12.00
    White Sage with Pink Wild Flowers Smudge Stick
    CHF 21.00
    Palo Santo Smudge, Selenite Crystal and Rope Incense Bundle
    CHF 25.00
    Laurie Cream Speckle Balancing Stones Incense Stick Holder
    CHF 15.00
    Mindie Cream Speckle Incense Stick Holder
    from CHF 15.00
    Mushroom House Incense Cone Burner
    from CHF 15.00
    Tia Celestial Incense Holder Dish - 2 options
    from CHF 12.00
    Jeni Mushroom Blackflow Incense Burner
    from CHF 18.00
    Bubbling Brew Moon Halloween Cauldron Incense Cone Holder - comes with 2 incense cones
    CHF 18.00
    Ghost Halloween Autumn Incense Cone Holder / Tealight Holder
    from CHF 18.00
    Sold Out
    Cottage House Pink Incense Burner
    from CHF 23.00
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