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Eid Arabic Personalised Name Scented Candle

208,00 kr
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Jar Colour

From hand making the jar to pouring the candle wax, our Arabic Personalised Candles are fully made at Ajouter HQ. Select from 3 different jar colour options and array of scents - a jar that is truly personalised!

If you leave the personalised section blank or are unsure of the Arabic spelling we will contact you to discuss. Once the name has been confirmed, production will take 72 hrs and from there your order will be shipped (text size on the candle may change depending on the length of the name).

P.S. when you have finished with the jar you can clean and use as a pot of choice! As each jar is handmade the colours may slightly differ and there may be the odd bubble (but that's what makes them unique!)

  • Made from: 100% Soy Wax

  • Size: 6cm H x W

  • Burn time: Approx 20hrs