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Storage Jars / Trinket Dishes

Keep all of your best bits safe with our collection of handmade and curated trinket dishes. Discover our bestselling shell jewellery dish, cloud tray and bean plate. 

    8 products
    Lene Horoscope Zodiac Handmade Coaster Trinket Tray Dish
    108 kr
    Mint Green Stone Forrest Green Lilac +1
    Splatter Handmade Coaster / Small Jewellery Plate
    from 108 kr
    Hanna Silver Moon Terracotta Rose Storage Jar
    537 kr
    Rose Pink Stone Mint Green Nude +4
    Mathilde Shell Conch Jewellery Handmade Trinket Dish
    from 175 kr
    Stone Pink Green Lilac
    Lucie Shell Conch Jewellery Trinket Dish
    175 kr
    Juni Celestial Blue Moon and Star Trinket Jewellery Dish
    135 kr
    Red Dark Green Mint Green Lilac +1
    Moon and Star Celestial Handmade Trinket Tray Dish Set of 2
    269 kr
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