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Christmas Candles

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    White and Red Green and Silver
    Christmas Countdown Advent Pillar Candle - Green and Silver / White and Red
    174 kr
    Pastel Pink Dusty Green
    Pastel Pink / Dusty Green Nordic Christmas Tree Candle
    from 308 kr
    Red Black Terracotta Walnut
    Rustic Flat Top Tall Pillar Candles
    107 kr
    Pink Tapered Christmas Advent Calendar Pillar Candle - comes with a candle holder
    174 kr
    Green / Gold Pink / Silver Red
    Nutcracker Christmas Festive Candle
    201 kr
    White Sage Green Nude Lilac +2
    Twist Spiral Pillar Handmade Vegan Soy Wax Candles - Pack of 2
    201 kr
    Red Green Pink
    Mushroom Dots Wax Candle
    268 kr
    Red Lilac Light Grey Walnut +2
    Hand-dipped Twisted Pillar Candle
    107 kr
    White Vegan Soy Bubble Candle
    201 kr
    Terracotta Walnut Red
    Rustic Flat Top Pillar Candles
    67 kr
    Sold Out
    Red White Ivory
    Dipped Jute String Tapered Pillar Candles Pack of 10
    from 67 kr
    Grey Walnut Red
    Rustic Nordic Chunky Pillar Candle - available in 3 colours
    107 kr
    Jessy Concrete Pillar Candle Holder - 2 options available
    174 kr
    Christmas Wax Melts - 10 options available
    107 kr
    White Lighthouse Ceramic Wax Melt Burner
    from 241 kr
    Norah Snowflake Festive Christmas Wax Melt Burner
    from 201 kr
    Christmas Tree Handmade Vegan Wax Melts
    107 kr
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